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Thomas Stummer
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Our Services

StumiPool  can repair your pool or undertake a complete pool renovation to revive and enhance your home landscape surroundings in and around Sydney. We achieve this by using Fibreglaze resurfacing systems, which are rightly recognised as a revolutionary system in today’s market.
Four unique layers provide the ultimate seal and barrier system, suited to both old and new pools. The Fibreglaze surface is smooth to the touch, and most importantly, restores the vibrancy and beauty of your swimming pool.
Fibreglaze laminate has been applied for over 40 years and, since its invention, several technological changes have been made in the manufacturing process. This ensures that Fibreglaze is comprised of the highest quality materials available today.
All resins are tested for viscosity, thixotropy, gel time at 20 and 25 degrees Celsius with MEKP additions of 1% and 2%. Resins are also tested for thin firm cure, pot cure, opacity, and solvent resistance. These rigorous testing procedures give us 100% confidence in our seven-year warranty.
The process

1.    The vinyl ester primer coat provides the adhesive strength, and is the foundation for the laminate.
2.    Fibreglaze uses 450grm CSM matt, providing 100% resistance to osmosis and chemical attack. Vinyl ester is the main body of the laminate.
3.    The vinyl ester filler coat adds further insurance, containing colour pigment that acts as an undercoat.
4.    Lastly, the final colour coat is applied, giving the pool a beautiful finish and further protective cover.

The benefits of Fibreglaze

•    Make water balancing much easier
•    A reinforced, non-porous surface to prevent stains and algae penetrating and deteriorating pools’ surface
•    Peel and flake resistance
•    Smooth and non-abrasive for swimmers’ skin
•    Last for 15 to 20 years, with a seven-year warranty against materials and workmanship
•    Repair osmosis bubbles and stains in older fibreglass pools

To put it simply, Fibreglaze resurfacing provides a decorative, long-lasting and durable waterproof barrier system that will not be vulnerable to chemical attack or osmosis, and will remain beautiful for many years to come.

Pool tile colours

You can select from our standard colours of pool tiles, as shown below, or discuss any further options with our team today. All colours shown are approximate.
•    Pool Blue
•    Athol Blue
•    Aqua Blue
•    Fern Green
•    what you like
StumiPool stumipool   our-services


If you’re lucky enough to own a swimming pool in Sydney, StumiPool  offers a popular selection of waterline and pool tiles.
Whether you’re a pool owner, architect or designer, we bring you swimming pool tiles that are attractive, safe and well within budget. From something plain and durable to decorative mosaics, StumiPool helps you to transform the look of your swimming pool.
With your safety in mind, we provide you with expert advice and leading quality pool tiles for your swimming pool and spa projects in Sydney and the surrounds.

Waterline tiles

As Sydney’s waterline tile specialists, we believe a Fibreglaze interior finished with a waterline tile is the perfect match for strength, beauty and ease of maintenance. We have a wide range of tile designs available to choose from to complete the look of your newly renovated pool.
Waterline tiles will give your pool strength and durability, and make cleaning the waterline area a much easier process than it is with cement-based rendered pool surfaces.
StumiPool uses only the very best materials and products, which is why we use and recommend The Pool Tile Company. Visit The Pool Tile Company Website now at www.pooltile.com.au.
•    DJ’s Light Blue
•    DJ’s Indian Blue
•    Monaco Blue and White
•    Graphite and White Crystal Diamond
•    Azure Blue and White
•    Greek Key Blue and White

Beautifying your swimming pool may seem like an expensive and drawn-out project, but thanks to StumiPool, it doesn’t have to be. When you need to renovate your swimming pool in Sydney, StumiPool is the efficient, cost-effective and long-term solution.
StumiPool can help with all your simple and complex pool resurfacing projects. We work closely with you to bring your vision to life and create your very own oasis for all your loved ones to enjoy.
From a simple resurfacing and colouring to a complete pool transformation, StumiPool the way to go for a practical, decorative, waterproof and durable surface barrier system. 
Renovate and decorate with StumiPool

StumiPool  can help you with a water feature or pond using Durastone. Whatever your existing pool requires, we guarantee we can help.
We also offer the following special features:
•    Waterline tiles
•    Spas
•    Water features
•    Pool plumbing
•    Landscaping
•    Installation of pool steps

For the complete renovation of your existing pool, you can always trust the pool lifesavers in Sydney.

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