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Durastone is the quick and easy render that has been specifically designed to fill and cover pebblecrete and tiles. It’s extremely useful in areas where surface levels can’t be changed, and can be used on both vertical and horizontal surfaces.
Cost-effective and designed to last, Durastone is perfect for covering verandahs, patios, pool copings, balconies, driveways, steps and swimming pool surrounds. Here at StumiPool , we’ve helped many property owners to update and enhance their existing surfaces through expert Durastone application.

Save time and money by eliminating the need to demolish existing surfaces thanks to your Durastone specialists in Sydney.

Choose Durastone to cover dated pebblecrete around the pool

Durastone creates a stone-like surface with excellent slip resistance properties and has been specifically designed to cover pebblecrete pool copings. The special acrylic binders adhere to the pebbles and ensure maximum lock onto the existing surface.
100% Australian made and formulated to withstand salt and chlorine attack, Durastone has the following advantages:

•    Saves time, money and mess by removing the need to demolish existing surfaces
•    Extremely Slip resistant - Rated Class V-67
•    Follows existing surface shape, right over the coping and down to the waterline tiles.
•    Barely changes existing surface levels - up to 3mm
•    Can usually be walked on within 2 hours and doesn’t burn feet
•    Flexible, high strength and quick drying
•    Can create a great slate-like effect
•    Long life, and guaranteed for seven years
•    Can be applied thick or thin and can be patched
•    Contemporary look
•    Can be applied with water in the pool
•    Can be done at any time as long as it’s not tied to a major renovation
•    Can be applied in various textures from smooth to rough rock
•    Interior and exterior use
•    Colourfast will not fade
•    Non-toxic water based system